CSS Classes

Adding and Removing Classes

Plato pages does not include any proprietary CSS classes in the live preview of any pages. There are helper classes on editing mode that are required for the plugin to know where to inject the theme's CSS classes.

Classes that should always be included when a new section, row, and column is created should be added/removed through the filter. Plato pages adds a few css classes in order for the plugin to work when editing a page.

The following classes should not be removed when manipulating the classes. 

  • js-plato-hook-section-classes
  • js-plato-hook-row-classes
  • js-plato-hook-column-classes


add_filter('plate_content_section_default_classes', function($classes){ 
return $classes;
}, 20);


add_filter('plate_content_row_default_classes', function($classes){ 
return $classes;
}, 20);


add_filter('plate_content_column_default_classes', function($classes){ 
return $classes;
}, 20);